I have been a customer of S.B. Carbone Plumbing & Heating for many years. No matter which service technician comes here, they are always reliable, efficient and professional. No matter if it's day or night, weekday or weekend, Steve always makes sure his customers are well taken care of. If you want a job done right and immediate, call S. B. Carbone Plumbing.

- Sharon C.

As you know, the success of any company is integrity, honesty, quality and people. An unpleasant experience with a repair person can lead to loss of business even when all other factors are positive. Being in the service industry myself, I would like to acknowledge the prompt attention, fair pricing and in short, the comprehensive job they completed in my home. Thank you again.

- Cholie C.

I have had Steve come to my plumbing rescue many times..always fast, efficient and reasonably priced! Highly recommended.

- Marybeth N.

The Best. Always there when you need them. Responsive, professional and reasonably priced for high caliber service.

- Ernest P.

The best plumbers around!!

- Robert C.

Could not ask for a more pleasant experience. Angelo came when he said he would (thought he was only going to give me a quote) but did the work that day. Fast, professional and a real nice guy. Knew what he was doing. I have used Steve Carbone in the past, would use them again as needed.

- John L.

We obtained several estimates but selected Steve Carbone because of the time and care he spent surveying our existing boiler and home and talking with us before determining what we needed and giving us an estimate that we thought was good for the work he planned to do. He also was able to start the job within a reasonable amount of time during this busy winter season which was important to us. I ask a lot of questions and Steve Carbone was willing to answer everything to our satisfaction.  The two men he sent to install the boiler were experts in the area of gas boilers having done this type of work for many years. They were hardworking and professional. They were very thorough and made sure that everything was working appropriately before leaving. Steve Carbone was also on site frequently ensuring that the installation was going as planned.  Happily the boiler is working well now, just in time for the cold weather we are having. Thank you, Steve, Pat, and Juan.  I will definitely recommend you to others for this service.

- Stephen and Linda I.

Fast courteous and made everything seem simple. I have used their services for over 9 years and have never had a problem!!!  They are very good.

- Wendy Y.

S.B. Carbone Plumbing & Heating is the BEST!!!  We own a rental property in RI and live across the country in CA. When our water heater needed to be replaced Angelo and Steve Carbone went above and beyond to coordinate the repair with our home warranty company.  They were patient with the warranty company's slow communication and best of all they followed through and didn't just disappear as some service providers often do if a job becomes a bit of a hassle.  Throughout the whole process they were professional and courteous and assured me that they would get the job done. I highly recommend S.B. Carbone Plumbing & Heating!!!!!

- AM W.

S.B. Carbone Plumbing & Heating consulted with me on what kind of hot-water heater I wanted, provided, delivered, and installed it. They also removed and disposed of my old tank, which was past its warranty expiration date, but had not yet become defective; by which I mean it was not leaking yet. A S.B. Carbone plumber came at the agreed upon date and time, was friendly and polite, did the work quickly and efficiently, and cleaned up after himself. He took the time to answer all of my questions. The water heater works as it should. What more could anyone want!

- Judy S

I have used S.B. Carbone Plumbing & Heating a number of times over the past 15 years on a variety of different types of jobs.  I cannot recall the dates of the individual jobs nor can I recall the prices.  S.B. Carbone Plumbing & Heating is not inexpensive but his work is always of the highest quality.  One major project  several years ago performed by S.B. Carbone Plumbing & Heating involved the replacement of all old water pipes in the basement of my home that were becoming clogged with scale.  The old pipes were removed and replaced  with copper piping, a job that was done with top professionalism, quickly with minimum inconvenience, on the schedule provided, cleanly, and for what I concluded at the time was a reasonable price.  Another project last year involved  the replacement of a cast-iron sanitary drain pipe that had rotted through.  This job was scheduled by S.B. Carbone Plumbing & Heating within one day after we discovered the problem and called him; completed quickly with a minimum of wall demolition (the drain pipe was in the wall); professionally and expertly; no mess was left behind and for a reasonable price (I cannot remember the price but that was my clear impression).  He has installed our water heater and faucets. He has provided roto-rooting service and most recently, S.B. Carbone Plumbing & Heating identified the source of a leak that ruined a ceiling and repaired the faulty toilet that caused the problem.  We have never had any problems as a result of any of the work performed by S.B. Carbone Plumbing & Heating.  In fact, all of the plumbing repairs and/or installations made by the firm have always functioned perfectly.  We regard S.B. Carbone Plumbing & Heating as highly professional, extremely reliable and trustworthy.  He responds promptly and his plumbers are professional, knowledgeable, very competent and efficient.  We would not use any other company for our plumbing or heating needs.

- Dante I.

S.B. Carbone Plumbing & Heating is a 'traditional' plumbing organization that holds to tried and true technology. Not necessarily one to embrace new methods and products: ie prefers copper to 'pex'. However, that said we have used their services for 10 years and the work has always been completely satisfactory and serviceable. Last year the water heater that rusted out prematurely due to a manufacturing issue was replaced without question and with no charge to us for the product. Their response time has always been prompt and that is no small consideration when your basement is filling up with water!

- Christopher U.

I needed to have a gas clothes dryer connected, which also required having the existing gas line extended to the laundry area of the basement. After receiving a quote from another company that left me laughing them out the door, I called S.B. Carbone Plumbing & Heating and they quoted me over the phone about what it would run. It was significantly less, so I had them do the job. The guys who came out were very polite and explained what they'd be doing and with what materials, then went to work. When all was said and done, the job site was clean, my dryer was connected and they'd even patched up the exhaust tube the movers had ripped when they'd disconnected it from my previous house.

I'll absolutely use them in the future.

- Susan G.

When my water heater failed, it was still under limited warranty so I disconnected it myself and exchanged it for a replacement. I called S.B. Carbone Plumbing & Heating beforehand to get a quote on connecting the new one, and the owner gave me tips on how to disconnect the old one (saving me the money of having them do it), which was nice. When I was ready, they showed up within a very reasonable time frame and performed the work promptly and well for exactly the amount quoted.

- Michael F.

They came to our house as soon as possible after we called them. They had the problem taken care of in a very short time. They always seem to do a good job for us and we have used them for over four years.

- Michael S.

Bill arrived right on time and went right to work. He explained what he was going to do for me. I found him courteous and very professional and would use this company again. He also gave me different scenarios for installing heating system for my house, since my radiant pipes ended up leaking in the floor. Walked me through the home showing me how they would install baseboard if that is the way I was going to go.

- Joe J.